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Original Easy as 123 Common Core Lesson Plan Templates which include the standards within drop down menus to help keep lessons Common Core focused!

*Download a sample lesson plan at the bottom of this page. (*Issues have been reported with use on a MAC computer)

We originally developed these templates to help guide us in aligning Stars Educational Consortium Programs to Common Core State Standards. We have received so many requests from K-12 teachers to use our templates that we have now made them publicly available here and on These lesson plans were created using Microsoft Word and contain CCSS for all ELA areas within drop down menu's embedded in each lesson plan. The lesson plan templates are all separated by strand/area. Teachers from various ELA related subjects (i.e. ELA, Science, History & SS, Technical Subjects) can also use these templates to help guide their collaboration efforts during lesson development to ensure that the increased focus on informational text is fully supported in each class. These Common Core Lesson Plans are customizable to allow for differentiated instruction and give teachers the freedom to devise their own lessons and offer the direction needed to keep their lessons common core focused. There are a lot of theories on how to best prepare students for the common core. Teachers are on the front line and are the best decision makers when it comes to how to best prepare their students. 

"These templates are outstanding and every teacher should have a set in their classroom. My 5th grade students were performing at a 2nd grade level of the CCSS when I first started using these templates at the beginning of the 2012-2013 school year. I got the K-5 ELA CD and used the templates to help me guide my lessons at a slow and even pace, taking my students all the way up to a 4th grade level. My students are not quite where they are supposed to be yet, but thanks to the use of these templates they're a heck of a lot closer to where they should be! Thanks for sharing these."

~Christine Bourdou-Taylor, Salt Lake City, Utah
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